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Monday, June 27, 2022

Success Stories

The Deciding Factor


SMART is a key differentiator, particularly in today's competitive market and in the confusion created by healthcare reform.  Clients want to know that their benefits advisor has the ability to be proactive, to take a multi-year view, and to provide a method for managing change.    When competing for new accounts, SMART becomes a key differentiator and a way to distinguish what your firm is capable of doing.   "The SMART deliverable proved to be a deciding factor in our recent win of a major university"  


Revolutionized My Approach and Success

"Thank you for the fabulous introduction to the SMART program.   In a nutshell, the program has revolutionized my approach and most importantly success to the business.  The concept is brilliant and fits perfectly into my style of selling, which is consultative selling.  With the help of Jack and Susanne ... I have adopted the program into my process and... am constantly looking to improve my methods.   The program has garnered me tremendous success within the brokerage and carrier community and continues to allow me to maintain a strong pipeline which ultimately yields great premium success." 


Diversifying revenue streams, a mission-critical roadmap for navigating healthcare reform


"Our firm was historically a commission-based organization.  However, because of healthcare reform, our executive management team agreed one imperative was to decrease our dependence on a commission-only business model.   We have integrated SMART Benefits Strategic Planning into our firm and charge clients fees for the preparation and multi-year management their benefits strategic plan.  We believe this has positioned us for great success in the future. "

SMART users are the most well-equipped to provide the consultative approach employers need right now.   For advisors seeking alternatives to a traditional, commission-based business model SMART benefits strategic planning is a primary driver and vehicle for converting to a fee-based business model.


Achieving positive sales results with the Benefits Strategic Planning Toolkit


"First, I want to extend our thanks and appreciation for allowing us to use the [...] SMART product. We have been using [it] to train our sales staff and redirect their thinking and approach with our clients and prospective clients and we are starting to see positive results. We had a process we were [internally] developing and attempting to follow but it just seemed to have too many moving parts. The SMART product offers two subtle but significant changes that really moved us forward. First, it is a much more clearly defined process with a visual presentation of the process. This makes it easier for the client to see how simple, yet effective, the process is. Second, and most significant for us, we learned that we need to play a more significant role in controlling and leading the process. We were asking the client to pull together too much information rather than organizing the key information ourselves. As I went through your materials and saw this, the light bulb finally turned on. Of course clients were resistant to adding additional work to their plate but they are sure willing to work with us if we lay the appropriate groundwork for them. I think this is the key to success in implementing the SMART program. [...] I think this is a great process and am confident it will finish a process change for our organization that we have been working on for some time."


Account retention because of the Benefits Strategic Planning Toolkit


"When my firm was in jeopardy of losing a 1,400 life case we had for over 4 years to a "national firm" I offered benefits strategic planning services to the client.   We not only retained the account, we introduced two new voluntary benefits.  What was even better was that I was able to meet and cultivate a relationship with the company's Chief Financial Officer for the very first time."


Training my sales force with the Benefits Strategic Planning Toolkit


"In our agency, we employ 1099 independent contractors for business development.   I had been looking for a sales training system and approach that we could embed into our organization and provide all of our sales resources a consistent track to run on.  SMART benefits strategic planning has fit the bill perfectly. 


Moving "upstream" with the Benefits Strategic Planning Toolkit


"Historically I was the only production resource effectively closing cases with 500+ lives.  As an agency owner it was frustrating that my production resources were not effective, or confident approaching larger cases.   Their typical focus was 50-250 lives, and they seemed "stuck" in this box.   SMART benefits strategic planning has been an invaluable tool to enable my sales team to "move upstream".   They are more confident approaching larger size cases.   They are more effective a discussing "business issues" with a client, and not just focusing on a "product sale".    I am very happy to see they are achieving success on larger cases since we have implemented SMART.

When it is tougher than ever to compete, make sure you stay on top.
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