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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Sales Management & Recruitment

The SMART Sales Management & Recruitment Toolkit is an invaluable aid to insurance agency principals and industry sales management personnel.


With four distinct modules, Sales Management & Recruitment covers everything from Recruiting, Selection, Hiring, and Managing Sales Performance.   Easy-to-follow narrative workplans and over 25 downloadable and customizable tools make this product the key to sales management success.


The SMART product demos are done by appointment only.

To schedule your appointment, please contact:
Susanne Radek
Tel:  410-585-6572
Please let us know whether you are interested in Benefit Strategic Planning, Sales Management or a demo of both products so we may plan accordingly.
For your information and planning, all demos are conducted using Go To Meeting technology and last 30-60 minutes.

Thanks again for your interest.  We look forward to providing you the requested demo.


Sales Management Axioms

There is no sales management problem that can not be solved by good recruiting.


Only 5% of the population is capable of managing itself...only 2% is capable of managing others.


The primary responsibility of sales management is to replace itself


When considering a new potential hire, select do not settle

Past results are the best predictor of future success


Manage activities.  You can not manage results.


Selection is the process of eliminating unqualified or marginally qualified candidates


Plan your work, then work your plan


Manage the important - not the urgent


Sales people respond to rewards and recognition... and ultimately recognition is a more powerful motivator


Praise in public - criticize in private


Top producers call you.  You do not have to call them.  And, when good producers call you, they always have specifics


It was decided a long time ago:  Poor performers pull down good performers... Good performers can not pull up poor performers.


Never be reluctant to eliminate a poor performer - the entire team will perform better as a result.